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It’s a revolutionary time-saver for event photographers.
— James Keaton
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The future of event photography

Snapify cuts typical event photography workflows by as much as 90%. Our platform streams your photos directly to the cloud while shooting, and applying sophisticated AI editing that delivers magical results to your clients, almost in real time.

How it works

take photos


The photographer takes photos at an event, such as a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or corporate events


Upload to Snapify Suite

Our man in the loop finalizes all photo editing to your satisfaction


Snapify AI Processing

Snapify automatically starts processing and editing the photos using a powerful AI algorithm. The Snapify team finalizes all photo editing to your satisfaction


Share Photos with Clients

The photographer shares photos with event hosts and guests using a digital photo gallery via the Snapify app

Why Professional Event
Photographers Choose Snapify 

Snapify eliminates the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of
your work, so you can achieve WAY more in far less time: 


Save countless hours transferring files between multiple memory cards and devices, and deliver photos to your clients in real time – all without lifting a finger (except to click!) 


Snapify backs up your photos directly to the cloud, giving you extra peace of mind so you can focus on the event


Our AI algorithm kicks in right way to cull and edit the photos for you using powerful features, as well as your own preferred styles


Use the time you save to shoot even more events and boost your earning potential within the same timeframe

'me' Time

Spend the time saved on typical post-shoot drudge work – on yourself, doing more of what you love, with your loved ones

Why Event Organizers Love
Snapify Photographers 

Receive your professionally-shot and edited event photos in real-time, and any extra-special
‘photographer’s cut’ versions within a day or two, rather than a month or two. 

more accessible - illustration

More accessible

Download your favorite photos and send specific photos to specific guests

smarter - illustration


Use the Snapify app to locate photos of specific guests thanks to facial-recognition tagging

faster - illustration


Get your photos on the day of the event and select your favorites from our smart web gallery

As much smiling behind the
camera as there is in front of it. 

Our mission is to redefine and simplify (a.k.a. ‘snapify’) typically-tedious workflows for busy event photographers and improve the client and attendee experience by making both the shoot and post-photoshoot processes fast, secure, and effortless.

Snapify’s intuitive solution for professional photographers fits seamlessly into their day-to-day work, giving them a competitive edge by significantly reducing their post-production workload.

Take it from the experts


After 12 years as a pro photographer, I finally found the ultimate solution. Snapify is a revolution for pros like me. I trust this product and Snapify vision with all my heart.

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I joined Snapify as a beta tester, but now, I cannot imagine going to a client event without it. My photos are automatically backed up, edited, and the web gallery can be shared within days, not weeks.

events photographer

Snapify saved me so much valuable time! Instead of spending hours in front of the computer, I can now focus more on growing my business.

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