5 Must-Have Tools for Every Event Photographer in 2023

As an event photographer, investing the right equipment is vital, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are our top 5 picks to get your event photography business off to a flying start.

Whether you're just getting started with your event photography business or you’re simply looking to stay updated on the latest trends and recommendations, keeping your photography toolkit up-to-date is a surefire way to remain prepared and outshine your competitors. As we move further into the second half of 2023, it's crucial to ask: What are the indispensable pieces of equipment worth investing in this year?

1: High-Quality Camera

No matter how skilled and creative you are, without the right camera you’re going to be extremely limited in what you can achieve. If you haven’t already, invest in a powerful DSLR or mirrorless camera that offers excellent low-light performance, fast autofocus, and high-resolution capabilities. Full-frame sensors are preferred for their superior image quality, especially in challenging lighting conditions. Don’t be tempted to cut costs when choosing a camera- you’ll likely regret it in the long run. 

Not sure which model is for you? Here’s a list of the best, tried and tested cameras for event photography in 2023. 

2. Versatile Lenses

Event photography often requires shooting in various settings and distances. Depending on the types of events that you generally shoot, it may be wise to invest in a set of versatile lenses, including: 

  • Wide-Angle Lens: Ideal for group shots, landscapes, and establishing shots of the event venue.
  • Standard Zoom Lens: Offers flexibility for capturing candid moments and medium-range shots.
  • Prime Lens (e.g., 50mm or 85mm): Excellent for portrait shots, low-light conditions, and achieving a beautiful background blur (bokeh).

3: Lighting Gear

Lighting options for event photographers are endless, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. Investing in some form of external lighting can be really beneficial for working in challenging conditions, but how much equipment do you actually need to take to an event? 

If you’re going to purchase one piece of lighting equipment, an off-camera flash unit is a great place to start. This will give you more freedom when illuminating your subjects, allowing you to choose which direction the light is coming from to achieve well-lit, flattering images.

A softbox or diffuser can also be a great addition to your toolkit, enabling you to disperse light over your subject to create a softer overall look. 

4: Sturdy Tripod

While event photography typically involves capturing candid moments on the fly, having a tripod in your kit can be a lifesaver for group shots, long exposures, or maintaining stability during extended shoots. Look for lightweight yet durable options that are easy to transport.

5: Snapify 

Finally, the best-kept secret of event photography in 2023: Snapify

A small, wireless device that conveniently clips to your belt, Snapify starts downloading your photos in real-time, backing them up to the cloud and editing them as they’re taken. This not only means that your photos are kept safe from the moment they’re taken without the need to download hefty image libraries off your memory cards, but it also means that you’ll leave the event with fully edited photos, saving you hours of time during the editing process. 

Ensuring you have these basics covered will give you a great foundation for handling the wide range of challenges that event photography can present.

Not sure what else to take with you on your next event? Keep our free checklist handy so you never forget a crucial item again! 

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