The Best Online Platforms for Sharing Event Photos with Clients

Want to know which online platforms are the best options for sharing event photography images with clients? Look no further - we’ve compiled a list of top picks!

You’ve captured a collection of unique and beautiful photos from your latest event. You’ve culled, edited, and processed your images. Now, it’s time to share the final product with your clients. But what’s the best way to do so?

Online platforms have revolutionized the way event photographers share their work, ensuring clients have easy access to their images, but there are a lot of options to choose from. There’s no one-size-fits-all, and each platform will offer different benefits depending on your needs.  In this guide, we'll explore the top online platforms that event photographers can use to effortlessly share photos with their clients.

Google Drive

For a straightforward and budget-friendly approach, a cloud storage solution like Google Drive can be all you need. You can create folders with organized sets of photos and share them securely with clients, benefitting from up to 15GB of free storage. While basic cloud platforms lack some of the advanced features of specialized photography platforms, they are easy to use and widely accessible.


  • Widely accessible
  • 15 GB or free storage
  • No storage limit for paid version 


  • Can be laggy to use 
  • Uploading can take a while


Dropbox is another easy-to-use cloud storage solution that can be handy for event photographers looking to share files with clients. However, if you’re looking for a lot of space, you will likely need to upgrade, as their free basic plan starts at just 2GB of storage. 


  • Easy to Use
  • Available to everyone 


  • Just 2GB of storage in free version
  • Storage limitations even with paid versions 
  • Fairly expensive paid versions


Not only does it back up your photos as you take them, AI-powered editing platform Snapify offers a streamlined solution for sharing your event photos with clients. Through the Snapify app, you can create a digital photo gallery that allows clients to access and view their images conveniently. This gallery simplifies the process of delivering event photos, making it a breeze for both photographers and clients to access and cherish their captured memories.


  • Easy to use, personalized experience
  • End-to-end solution for post-production
  • Cuts editing times down from weeks to 24 hours
  • AI Auto Enhance balances out your photos seamlessly


  • You’ll have a hard choice figuring out what to do with all your extra free time ;)


WeTransfer is another popular file-sharing system that allows you to share photos with your clients in a simple drag-and-drop format. There’s a free version that can be great for small transfers, but the catch is that you can only send 2GB at a time, and your transfers will get deleted after just 7 days. The paid version will allow you to send up to 20GB of files that can be accessed for as long as required. 


  • Easy to Use
  • Available to everyone 


  • Just 2GB of file transfers in free version
  • Transfers only last 7 days in free version 
  • As it’s just a file-sharing platform, there’s no option to create galleries 


Pixieset is a popular choice among photographers for its user-friendly interface and customization options. It allows you to create personalized, password-protected galleries where clients can view, download, and share their photos. The downside? It doesn’t allow video sharing. 


  • Good security
  • Fast upload and download 
  • Direct exports from Lightroom


  • Users report a lack of mobile capabilities 
  • Paid plans on the expensive side 
  • Doesn’t support video sharing 


ShootProof is designed specifically for photographers. It offers customizable galleries, proofing tools, and print fulfillment services. The platform also provides invoicing and contracts, streamlining your client interactions from start to finish.


  • Good security
  • Beautiful galleries 
  • Also features for print selling, professional invoices and contracts etc 


  • Free plan allows just 100 photos 
  • Archiving photos requires a fee
  • Storage on mobile app limited to 5 photos with free plan

Adobe Portfolio

If you're an Adobe Creative Cloud user, Adobe Portfolio can be a great choice. It seamlessly integrates with other Adobe applications and provides templates to create elegant photography websites. You can organize your event photos into portfolios and galleries, making them easily accessible to clients.


  • Free with Adobe Creative Cloud membership
  • File size reduced when viewing to optimize load time
  • Customizable galleries 


  • No free version
  • Paid Adobe subscription required 

Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits, so take into account your budget, your storage requirements, and the level of customization you’re looking for. Whatever you’re looking for, there's an online platform that can enhance your event photography business and provide a seamless photo-sharing experience. 

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