The Dos and Don'ts of Editing Event Photos

Want to know the things you should always be doing and the things you should NEVER do during your event photography editing sessions? Here’s our list.

Ah, the editing process. For event photographers, this should be a time that allows creativity to flourish… but that’s often easier said than done. Once you’ve captured the magic of the day and you’re faced with hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of raw images on your computer screen, it can be pretty overwhelming knowing where to begin. How saturated should your images be?  Should you batch edit? How long is this process actually going to take?! 

When it comes to editing, there are some major dos and don’ts that can make the process a lot smoother and more efficient. Here’s our handy list. 


Back Up Your Originals

Before you dive into editing, ALWAYS back up your original files! However great your final images are, it’s safer to be able to revert to the raw, unedited versions if necessary. Want your images protected before you’ve even left the event? Snapify, an AI-powered editing platform, will automatically back up your photos as you take them using a small wireless device that you can simply clip to your belt, giving you peace of mind so you can put all your focus into taking the best shots possible.  

Cull First

Editing every single photo from a shoot would be a HUGE waste of your time. Realistically, you’re only going to deliver a few great photos to your client, so weed out any that definitely won’t make the cut before you begin. From there, you can select the most promising images and focus on those. 

Start with a Plan

Plan your editing process in advance. Think about the style you want to achieve and any specific adjustments needed for each image. This approach will save you time and help you maintain a consistent look throughout your event photo set.

Crop and Straighten

Crop and straighten your photos to improve composition and eliminate distractions. Cropping can help you focus on the subject of the image and create a more satisfying visual experience.

Retouch and Remove Distractions
When necessary, remove minor imperfections, blemishes, or distractions from your photos that take away from the main subject. But remember, less is often more! Over-editing can make your photos look unnatural and detract from the authenticity of the moment.

Create a Consistent Style

Develop a consistent editing style for all your event photos. Whether it's a vintage, modern, or natural look, sticking to a uniform style will give your photo collection a cohesive and professional appearance.

Use Presets and Templates

Utilize presets and templates to streamline your editing process. They can be a great starting point and save you time when working on a series of event photos. Even better? Let Snapify do the work for you! Using a powerful algorithm as well as your own preferred styles, it will start editing your photos in real-time, so that all you need to do is give everything a final once-over and deliver the sparkling results to your client. 


Don't Over-Edit

Over-editing can make your photos look unnatural and take away from the authentic, candid moments you’ve captured. You want to make your images look their best while retaining the overall essence of the day. 

Don't Oversaturate or Overexpose

Be cautious with saturation and exposure adjustments. Overdoing it can lead to garish and unrealistic results. Subtle enhancements are often more effective. If in doubt, always follow the “less is more” rule! 

Don't Use Too Many Filters

While filters can add a unique touch to your photos, using too many can make your collection look disjointed. Stick to one or two for consistency.

Don't Ignore Composition

Remember that editing can only do so much. It's essential to start with a well-composed and properly exposed photo. Editing can enhance your images, but it can't fix something that’s terrible to begin with. 

Looking to transform your editing process and spend more time focussing on growing your business? Sign up for your free trial of Snapify and see just how much time it could take off your hands!  

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